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Designed to provide students with a good grounding in English literary history, this course provides a survey of major British literary movements from the late Anglo-Saxon period to the end of the Eighteenth Century.  We will be drawing on a selection of works and genres, including poetry, fiction, drama and the literary essay, exploring both their formal aspects and their aesthetic, social, and ideological contexts.  There will be an emphasis on the four “big Rs” that shaped social and literary development of the period (“Renaissance,” Reformation, Regicide, and Restoration).

Students are expected to have some grounding in English literary studies as we will be augmenting basic reading and interpretive skills with an emphasis on secondary research.  A research essay will be a major component of the course evaluation.  This course will form the basis of advanced literary studies.  Students are expected to arrive in class having read and considered all materials.  There will be an emphasis on student participation.